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How to Build a Brand with Web Design

5/7/18 2:00 PM / by Market Hardware

Your brand is, at the simplest level, a symbol of your business. When branding, it’s important to remain consistent when creating imagery, phrases and logos that are meant to represent your company. Your brand is not only what helps you win new customers over, but keeps them coming back for the long-haul. When designing your Website, you need to set yourself apart and make your users remember you.

One of the best ways to build a brand through Web design is by choosing the right color. Be sure to research the effects of different colors on the brain to make sure they’re an appropriate fit for what your brand represents. Another way to impact the emotions people feel when visiting your site is by using the appropriate creative imagery and rich text.

Your color palette, imagery and copy can clearly communicate your brand when combined properly. However, users won’t remember you unless you remain consistent. Use the same colors, visuals and fonts on all marketing materials to project a single image that sticks in people’s minds.

Last, but certainly not least, your value proposition should be apparent throughout your site. The ways in which your company benefits its customers should be clearly explained. Be sure that this copy is written in the language you believe best fits your brand’s personality.

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