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How to use the holidays to your advantage on Social Media

12/10/13 10:01 AM / by Market Hardware

  • How to use the holidays to your advantage on Social Media
  • Use the holidays as a time to reach out to your followers. It’s as simple as wishing people a Happy New Year, but the goal is to let your customers know you value them.
  • Around this time of year everyone is looking for a great deal – so provide your followers one! It can be as simple as providing a free consultation or “Your first hour FREE”. Offer a deal that is valuable to your followers, but can also generate more business.

    PRO TIP: Add a specific hashtag to your deal to monitor the conversation. #MHholidays

  • Update your Social Media pages to a holiday or winter theme. Keep it brand specific, and get creative! Own a pet resort? Change your cover photo to some dogs playing in the snow.
  • Have a great recipe? Share it – remember we want to stay timely and relevant, holiday cookies and drinks are a great way to provide some additional value and grab your followers’ interest.

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