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Optimizing Your Website for Mobile-First Indexing

3/7/18 12:00 PM / by Market Hardware

It’s no secret that today’s world is becoming more and more mobile-friendly. The majority of searches for products and services happen on mobile devices. This is why Google has continuously trended toward mobile-first indexing.

So what is mobile-first indexing? This simply means that Google will be primarily looking for mobile-optimized Websites. While we may not know exactly what Google will be looking for, there are a couple practices to follow to help improve your SEO results.

Consider making your Website fully responsive. When mobile-first indexing starts to gain speed, you want Google to be able to re-index your pages quickly. With a responsive Website, Google will easily determine your Website is mobile-friendly and continue on.

While responsive Websites are highly recommended, make sure the functionality works just as well as it looks. Testing every page on an actual mobile device will help determine which parts of your Website are easy to maneuver and which might need some more attention.

This goes for monitoring the legibility and accessibility of all content on your Website. A page with too much content can take mobile visitors an eternity to scroll through and read. Avoid “Read More” buttons because Google focuses on visible information.

Follow these best practices to stay ahead of the trend in 2018. Mobile-friendly indexing is on the way, make sure you are prepared!

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