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Taking Your Content to Deeper Levels

6/21/18 1:00 PM / by Market Hardware

When taking a look at SEO trends, Google has always taken a priority in scanning Meta descriptions and pages for relevant keywords. While this is certainly not breaking news, Google is going to be asking for more out of your SEO efforts.

Producing relevant content is still extremely important but Google will also start to focus on the context of the content you are putting out. Confusing? Let us explain… Page ranking systems are far more complex than they used to be, which means Google will be looking for well-structured Websites.

It has become apparent that a new metric Google will be paying attention to is Dwell Time. Dwell Time is known as the amount of time a visitor stays on a page that they have landed on through the search engine results page. Creating relevant and engaging content will ensure that page visitors will take the time to read through the page.

Developing more detailed content can go a long way toward reaching your target audience. Make sure you can still answer the visitor’s questions without losing interest with too long of a post. Achieving a desired Dwell Time will help your SEO efforts going forward.

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