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ACCA Invites Market Hardware CEO Brian Kraff to Speak at Annual Conference

2/1/12 9:37 AM / by Catherine Killian

Topics of Kraff's session will range from social media to online marketing

BETHESDA, MD – February, 2012 – Market Hardware announced today that Brian Kraff, founder and CEO of Market Hardware, will speak at the 44th Annual ACCA Conference & Indoor Air Expo on March 5-8 in Las Vegas.

Kraff spoke at the past four ACCA Conference & Indoor Air Expos and was requested to return after leading standing room-only sessions all four years.

The main topic of this year's session is "Social Media: Have you had your a-ha moment yet?" Kraff represents Market Hardware’s increasingly supportive stance of Social Media’s value to service professionals in 2012.

The outline for the speaker session includes a 30 slide PowerPoint Presentation rich with visuals. Discussion will be held in an informal setting.

Kraff regularly speaks at tradeshow conferences throughout the country. His experience makes him a popular speaker and has helped him develop into a nationally-known web marketing expert. Kraff received a Bachelors of Arts from Cornell University and a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from Columbia Business School, where he focused on Managing New Ventures.

Catherine Killian

Written by Catherine Killian

Market Hardware Content Marketing Expert