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Knowing Your Place: How it Pays to Know Your Website’s Rank on Google

5/24/19 5:03 PM / by Alain Parcan posted in SEO, Web Marketing


It’s easy for things to fall through the cracks when running your company and managing your employees are your main priorities. Day-to-day activities can easily sidetrack your goals of growing your business and owning your local market. It’s for these reasons that many small businesses don’t pay much attention to where they exist online. Your company’s Google ranking is not something that should fall off your radar.

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Does Your Website Need a Makeover?

9/7/18 2:00 PM / by Alain Parcan posted in General Posts, Website Best Practices


Redesigning your Website is much more than a cosmetic makeover; these days, it’s a business necessity. The Internet has been rapidly evolving over the last 5 years, and your Website should demonstrate that your business is keeping up with the trends. Here are a few signs your site may be due for a rebuild:

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7 Steps to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing (before it's too late...)

5/17/18 1:56 PM / by Alain Parcan posted in SEO


Your Google My Business listing appears to be headed toward the upper tier of the most important Web Marketing tools in 2018, based on recent information we learned directly from Google reps earlier this month at LSA Chicago. Here's how that little panel on your search screen could grow your business this year...

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