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Best Ways to Avoid a High Bounce Rate

10/21/18 12:45 PM / by Market Hardware

As more and more companies build their online presence, it has become increasingly difficult to engage potential customers through the likes of landing pages. An average or sub-par experience just won’t cut it anymore. When visitors come in contact with your landing page, are you seeing a high bounce rate?

A bounce rate is a percentage of page visits that lead to a visitor leaving that page without advancing any further through your Website. Having a high bounce rate can raise some serious concerns about how well your landing pages are really performing. Luckily there are some tactics to consider that can decrease the amount of bounces you get.

Make Your Value Clear

When a visitor lands on your page, they need to know the benefits you are offering. Making these clear and concise will avoid confusion. Don’t crowd the page with too much information – just focus on the key highlight of what your product or service has to offer.

Optimize Your Headlines

Creating a compelling and informative headline is vitally important. Having too brief of a headline won’t encourage visitors to read any further. This goes back to making your offer clear, and not hiding useful information in lines of text. Don’t forget to create enough white space for your headline. A less crowded page will make your content stand out.

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