Creating Services Pages That Convert

Alison MacDonald
Apr 7, 2018
By Alison MacDonald

Services must be presented to users differently than products. While products can be returned, services cannot. So, when designing services pages on your Website, keep in mind that trust is the biggest selling point. Therefore, your qualifications and experience should be impossible to miss on the page. Demonstrating that people can trust your work is of utmost importance.

Your services pages should also include an elevator pitch that gives a top-level view of what you do and how you offer unique value. As you continue to write content on the page, create a structure that makes it easy to follow. Headings and bullet points that are easy to spot are a great way to grab your reader’s attention.

Once you’ve enticed readers to dig deeper into your content, it’s important to provide testimonials proving that others have had positive experiences with your services. At this point, you’ve hopefully convinced your reader that you’re worthy of their money. Whether they wish to contact you, make an appointment, or purchase immediately, be sure to include a natural conversion opportunity so that they can easily take action.

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