Does Your Website Need a Makeover?

Alain Parcan
Sep 7, 2018
By Alain Parcan
Director of Marketing, 10+ Years of Digital Marketing Strategy

Redesigning your Website is much more than a cosmetic makeover; these days, it’s a business necessity. The Internet has been rapidly evolving over the last 5 years, and your Website should demonstrate that your business is keeping up with the trends. Here are a few signs your site may be due for a rebuild:

It hasn’t changed with your business. Outdated information can confuse and irritate customers and ultimately create problems for your staff. Be sure to have a consistent process for making changes to your Website that reflect the development of your company.

The design is dated. If your Website design is stuck in 2007, it tells customers that the information on it may not be current either. Frankly, it’s also boring.

It doesn’t bring value to your customers. If there is nothing helpful on your site, no one will ever return to it. Returning visitors are retainable customers!

It’s not mobile friendly. If your Website is slow to load or requires zooming in on a smartphone in order to read it, then you’re way behind the times.

If you would like a professional opinion about your Website, we can help. Contact us today to speak to one of our executive consultants.

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