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How to Design Compelling Calls-to-Action

10/7/18 5:00 PM / by Alison MacDonald

Calls-to-action (CTAs) play a key role in lead generation because they help customers get from one step to another. They help guide Website visitors toward a purchasing decision. Optimizing your CTAs for maximum conversions is one of the best ways to create sales. A CTA that compels is a CTA that sells!

The first step in making sure your CTA attracts the attention of your Website visitors is to make it large enough to stand out without overwhelming the visitor. Secondly, you’ll want to give your CTA plenty of room to breathe. Be sure to separate it from the rest of the page content and surround it with whitespace. Once you’re sure that your CTA stands out, make sure that it’s “above the fold” of the page. This means that your visitors won’t have to scroll down to see it. The best placement for your CTA can vary, so consider an A/B test to see what spot is most effective.

Another important design technique for a CTA is to make sure that it contrasts the rest of your page content. You can achieve eye-catching contrast by varying colors and fonts. Then, go one step further and create hover effects that cause the CTA to change color when your place your mouse over it. Last, make sure that the copy is compelling. Use active words that clearly explain where your visitor will be taken after clicking.

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Alison MacDonald

Written by Alison MacDonald