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Market Hardware CEO Brian Kraff to Speak at TCIA Conference

11/1/09 12:00 AM / by Catherine Killian

Kraff chosen to present based on expertise in fields of social media; online marketing

BETHESDA, MD – November, 2009 – Market Hardware announced today that Brian Kraff, founder and CEO of Market Hardware, will speak at the 2009 TCI Expo on November 5-7, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kraff spoke at the 2008 TCI Expo and was requested to return after last year's standing room-only session. The topic of this year's session is "Social Networks & The New Face of Online Marketing." Kraff will bring great expertise on the subject matter thanks to his knowledge of online marketing.

The 2009 seminar is designed to help tree care experts better manage their reputation via constant two-way communication with clients. Of course, one of the best tools for doing so is social media. In order to help teach attendees, the following outline will be utilized:

The outline for the speaker session is:

30 slide PowerPoint Presentation rich with visuals. Discussion is held in an informal lecture setting. Brian will engage the audience with humor and encourage questions throughout the presentation.

  • 25 min - Social Networking in 2010 (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • 15 min - Google Maps Optimization
  • 15 min - Online Ratings & Reviews
  • 15 min - Q & A (20-minutes)

"Market Hardware's experience in delivering tree care-specific web marketing services makes us an excellent fit for this event," stated Kraff. "We appreciate the recognition and the chance to share our 'on the ground' view of current market strategies."

Kraff regularly speaks at tradeshow conferences throughout the country. His experience makes him a popular speaker and has helped him develop into a nationally-known web marketing expert. Kraff received a Bachelors of Arts from Cornell University and a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from Columbia Business School, where he focused on Managing New Ventures.

Catherine Killian

Written by Catherine Killian

Market Hardware Content Marketing Expert