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Personalizing Search Results

4/21/18 3:15 PM / by Luke Sherry

The way you search online has become more personalized than ever. Locations, browser history, previous searches, and more all feed into what shows up on your search results. Personalization takes into account traditional ranking factors as well as information that search engines store about the user making the search. Knowing that Google and other search companies use personalization, it is important to understand how it might affect your SEO tactics.

Personalizing search results relies heavily on location. Google tracks a searcher’s location and uses that information to enhance search results. If a possible customer is searching for the products or services your company offers, you want to make sure you are ranking well in that location. Identifying your target locations and tracking how well, or maybe how poorly, you are ranking in those areas is important for your SEO efforts.

It’s becoming more important to rank on Page One when people search for your services for the first time on their browser. Browser history is starting to make an impact on what is showing up in search results. So if your company has showed up before, this will help make sure you show up in any future searches for that user.

Personalization is starting to track the interests of searches as well. Knowing your target audience plays a large role in personalization. Being able to personalize your content based on where your audience is in their buyer’s journey will go a long way.

At Market Hardware, we can provide tips on taking a personalized approach to your search efforts. Don't hesitate to give us a call!

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Luke Sherry

Written by Luke Sherry