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The Future of Search: Voice Search

5/7/18 1:00 PM / by Luke Sherry

No matter what kind of Smartphone device you have, you have probably used the voice search functionality. Mobile devices are making it easier and easier to get the information you need faster than ever. Maybe you’ve only asked your device to “Call Mom” or “Get Directions,” but as people get more comfortable talking to phones, voice search will get more popular.

Google has conducted a study to find out why and where people use voice search and the results may not shock you. Teens are ahead of the curve, using voice search on a daily basis. But not close behind are adults. Google has indicated that 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search more than once a day.

So what is making voice search so popular? The majority of questions asked using voice search are for practicality. It is commonly used to answer simple questions instead of taking the time to type it in the phone or computer. It has become clearer that people are using voice search for multitasking. When your hands are tied up in the kitchen or with the kids, just asking your Smartphone makes it that much easier.

As voice search becomes more popular, the challenge of how to create content arises. When typing into a search box, it has become less common to type in question format. People using voice search typically will ask full questions in order to get the results they need. Developing your content to adhere to question-answer format is the likely solution to catering to voice search. As always, let us know if you’d like help with this strategy.

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Luke Sherry

Written by Luke Sherry