Blogging to Improve your SEO Results

Luke Sherry
Jan 21, 2018
By Luke Sherry

If you’re not blogging, here’s why you might want to consider it. Producing blog content has consistently proven to help boost SEO results. Writing specific and relevant content will help increase the traffic to your website.

Know Your Audience

When writing a blog, your content should be specific to the target audience you are trying to reach. Segmenting your posts for a particular customer makes the blog more personalized and engaging for the reader. You can achieve this by using specific keywords related to the problems and needs of your target audience.

Keep it specific, but don’t overuse keywords. Overloading your blog with the same keyword does not improve your SEO results and will make your content look less credible.

Optimize your Posts

Creating new content is not the only way to improve your SEO results. Look for opportunities within previously written blog posts to help improve their effectiveness. Try adding internal links that lead to relevant content on the website. Link to educational content on your Website or other blog posts that are specific to your readers’ needs. Take a look at your meta descriptions and title tags as well. Making these keyword specific in relation to your blog’s content will help leverage your SEO results.

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