How to Create a Great Navigation Bar

Market Hardware
Jul 7, 2018
By Market Hardware

One of the most crucial elements of Web design is the navigation bar. In terms of user experience, a poorly-designed nav bar can make your site clumsy and cause visitors to leave. In order to get the most out of this important design feature, there are some guidelines you should adhere to.

Think of your nav bar as a map. First and foremost, it should be simple. Users should be able to easily read your page titles and be clear on the content they can expect to find on each page. Be sure to keep the nav bar consistent across all pages.

The most common type of nav bar is a horizontal nav bar. It takes up the full width of a page and lies at the top of a Website. Using a common layout helps with user experience because people will instantly know how to navigate the page. It’s sleek, noninvasive and maximizes space for content. It also works well responsively.

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