Why SMS is Important for SEO

Market Hardware
Apr 15, 2018
By Market Hardware

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Management are both important components of a successful online marketing strategy. On their own, each provides a multitude of benefits: Social Media Management provides an opportunity to interact with your clients and highlight your industry knowledge, while Search Engine Optimization allows consumers to find your business based on your expertise and services offered. Combined, Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimization can help convert prospects into clients, re-engage customers, and bring attention to your business and Website. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Social Media to help with SEO:

  1. Create Links to Your Blog

When you write a blog post it's beneficial to write a Facebook post pertaining to the blog post and then link to that specific blog post from the Facebook Page. In turn you should add links to your Website from your blog posts because doing so will bring more visitors to your Website. It's important to use your Social Sites and Websites in tandem so that they're supporting each other within the search engines.

  1. Highlight Keywords and Phrases

The goal of a successful SEO strategy is to ensure that your business shows up for your top services in your most prominent serviced areas. In order to do so, it’s important to establish keywords or phrases to target (things like “garage door contractor in Boston MA”). In addition to building links to your Website, your Social Media pages also provide an opportunity for you to highlight specific keywords and phrases.

One especially meaningful way to include key phrases on Social Media is through blogging. Include a key phrase in the title of a blog post or within the content; it’s a great opportunity to highlight a service and provide some educational content on a topic while delivering value to your customers.

  1. More Opportunities for Page 1 Placement
Google frowns upon having more than one Website, as it provides an unfair advantage for showing up in multiple places within search results, and can be viewed as a manipulative strategy. Creating and maintaining an active presence on various Social Media platforms allows your company more opportunities to show up on Page One without fear of being penalized by Google.
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